A pice of paradise, and Turtles

What can we say?
This hotel really made our stay at Meno to a visit to paradise. We stayed both in the villa and the rooms. The villa is perfect for a family of four to six people. Two bedrooms and a large living room, where you can sit and relax on the evening before going to sleep in the best beds!
We then switched to the double rooms (the villa was booked the last night of our stay) And we didn’t think it could be better but the double rooms were even better than the villa ( traveling with two kids 10& 14)
We got two rooms, and for some hours it almost felt like we were on our second honeymoon.
The breakfast is excellent just don’t miss out on the Lombok coffee or the fresh juices ( think I might have O.D on Mango juice .
After breakfast you just relax in a gazebo, save water and drink Bingtangs or fruit drinks. And for saving the world al rooms comes with a 19 liter water jug so you can refill your own water bottle. So no need to create extra waste in form off plastic bottles.
The restaurant create som good dishes, try the “beef rendang” you won’t be disappointed.
One of the best features is the location.
Bring your own mask or rent one and go out snorkeling. We saw about 9 turtles just some 15 meters out in the sea.
But the absolute best is the way the staff make you feel. We can’t thank them enough they made our stay truly epic.

So if you want: friendly staff, good food, comfy beds and a abundance of turtles. Meno mojo is the place to visit.


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